Accelerated Test Planning In DfRSoft

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Accelerated Test Planning (Module 8): Chi-square or binomial life test planning for specific tests, multiple tests, including High-Temperature-Operating-Life, Temperature-Humidity-Bias, Temperature Cycle, and Vibration. Exclusive from DfRSoft is an optional sample size optimization search for multiple tests to demonstrate one failure rate and optimization success details provided.. All with handy test planning print out summary. Multiple Chi-Square test plan failure rate plotted over temperature test time. Confidence provided for zero or non zero failures with failure rates and device hours analysis.

In addition to the Chi-squared method, DfRSoft include and exact Binomial sampling capability to compare it to the Chi-Squared results (also helps for small sampling). We find for example that in almost all cases there is no difference in sampling plan results as the Chi-squared method proves to be a very accurate estimate of the Binomial statistic. This calculator includes the Binomial, Beta, Normal Life Sample Plan with Confidence Calculator.


Accelerated Test Planning DfRSoft