Automated Qual Plans In DfRSoft

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Automated Qualification Test Plans for Assemblies, Hybrids or Semiconductors/Parts (Module 15): Exclusive from DfRSoft are full qualification test plans developed from an interface that allows the user to enter the qualification plan failure rate objective (with suggested values), confidence level, number of allowed failures for the qualification, and basic inputs for temperature cycle, temperature-humidity-bias, and high temperature operating life. Other qualification specific test optionally include, vibration, ESD, solder joint studies for assemblies etc. The output is a detailed flow chart with specified sample sizes and a step-by-step process card that can be printed for conducting the qualification. Numerous specification are recommended such as from JEDEC, IEC…DfRSoft provides an optimization routine that can optionally be used to find the minimum sample size in order to satisfy an overall single test failure rate objective. An activation code is required for this tool which is provided upon purchase.
Automated Qual Plan