Availability & Sparing Assessment in DfRSoft

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Availability & Sparing (Module 17): MTBF, MTTR, Availability analysis with plotting. Sparing - provides an estimate of the number of spares needed based on MTBF, MTTR for a system and includes a Parametric Binomial confidence of spare success for mission time entered (up to 300 entries) with output also providing system Availability, MTBF, Spare Cost, Total Spares, Average MTTR, Average Item Cost. DfRSoft now offers sparing analysis with all main distributions, Exponential, Weibull & Lognormal. One can do this by item as well. All methods include a Parametric Binomial Confidence assessment of sparing success. One can then override the amount of spares to the assure a reasonable sparing success plan to achieve say 95% confidence. Also included is a preventative maintenance tool.

spares analysis