Design of Experiments (DOE) With ANOVA and Multiple Regression in DfRSoft

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Design of Experiments with ANOVA and Multiple Regression (Module 31) - Full and Fractional Factorial Designs. Results provides main and interaction effects giving the strength of each factor with graphical views and the ANOVA table to help assess the results. Graphical results for both main effects and interactions (when main effects and/or interactions are found to have a large effect) will help the user to optimize settings. In addition, multiple regression is performed on the DOE table. Results of the multiple regression is another type of analysis that provides the strengths of each factor in the form of their regression coefficients. These are also normalized for the user and compared to the ANOVA method. Finally and regression equation allows the user to project any results for any given factor strength. DfRSoft makes DOE and multiple regression simple so you can focus on optimizing your process. We provide video tutorial as well to help you get started.

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