Electrical Analysis in DfRSoft

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Electrical Analysis: Power conversions (dBm<>Watts), Voltage to Power conversions, dB, Insertion loss, Power, & Voltage assessment, VSWR and Return Loss calculator, Forward and Reflected power conversions, American Wire Gauge calculator, Fusing current of Wire and Circuit Traces analysis, Wire Bond current Density to Avoid Electromigration/Fusing analysis,  RC & Inductor Time Constant Assessment, Capacitance and Inductor Impedance calculators, Voltage Breakdown in Air at any Pressure (Pachen's Law). Voltage Breakdown in a solid dielectric vs distance for different material (with material table look up), Local Relative Humidity, Temp at die surface, temperature rise in PCB circuit traces per IPC-222, Life Expectancy of an Al Electrolytic capacitors, Thermocouple Information, Resistivity and Temperature Coef. of metal lookup table. Coming soon Smith Chart Calculator.