Engelmaier Solder Joint Fatigue Life Assessment in DfRSoft

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Engelmaier Model - DfRSoft includes a solder joint/BGA fatigue shear stress and life assessment using the historical Engelmaier model. To use the model, Step 1 we use the DfRSoft library to find the CTE mismatch between the component and the board or this can be manually entered. Step 2 is to input the size of the BGA (distance to neutral point) explained in DfRSoft. Then enter the solder joint height based on historical information in DfRSoft or the user enters this. Finally we enter the delta Temperature the component is exposed to either in the field or in test. DfRSoft also allow the user to estimate the impact of underfill.  The output is the Engelmaier Fatigue Number of Cycles to Fail and a Shear strain risk assessment. The user also has available data from published sources on cycle life from such inputs so the user can compare results to their situation.

Engelmaier Solder Fatigue Model