Field Return Analysis in DfRSoft

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 Field Return MTBF Analysis (Module 6): Exponential Data Analysis Over Time with Weibull & Mixed Modes Assessment: MTBF analysis of shipped and returns per month at various confidence levels is now easy to do with DfRSoft.  Insert number of units shipped per month; number returned per month, add a delay (offset) for field instillation time, optional capability to provide different number of hours in operation per year with repairs versus replacement. Results are Exponential Analysis for MTBF, failure rate, PPM analysis over time at specified confidence level with and without the delay.  Then further analysis can be done, click on Weibull Analysis Data Sort button. DfRSoft automatically sorts your data so that you can easily import the data for DfRSoft's Reliability Plot area where you can do a full Weibull, Exponential and Mixed Modes Analysis.  


Field Data Returns