MTBF Predictions In DfRSoft

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MTBF Manufactures Predictions and/or MIL HDBK 217, 217 Plus, Telcordia…(Modules 11-14): A variety of methods for detailed stress and parts count: DfRSoft offers a corporate manufacturers’ MTBF detailed stress prediction model with part failure rates library from companies like Analog devices, National Semiconductor, TI etc. DfRSoft also provides MIL HDBK 217+ detailed stress. A traditional MIL HDBK 217 Notice 2, and new we now have MIL HDBK 217 Plus (upon request - separate price), a supplemental DfRSoft manufacturers' database as well as parts count for Telcordia (SRS 332 Issue 1). Where appropriate on these prediction methods, the user may add junction temperatures, and part stress levels in addition to global parameter for base assembly temperatures.