Vibration & Shock Analysis in DfRSoft

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 Vibration and Shock Analysis (Module 25) : Exclusive from DfRSoft is full Vibration and Shock Analysis. One of the more advanced analysis tools you will find. General conversion for Sine vibration between acceleration, velocity, displacement, frequency. PSD Random Vibration Spectral Analysis (plots PSD vs Freq and finds Grms content, Average and Max Velocity and Max Displacement likely and possible. Also available Sine-on-Random plotting with Grms content, Average and Max Displacement, Velocity likely and possible. Random-vibration- fatigue-test analysis for X, Y, Z axis with strategies to demonstrate fatigue life from field data and minimal test times for each axis needed. Constant Acceleration (RPM versus radius, Gs), As well requirements for  UD load for shaker, Octave Sine analysis (time to run resonance search test), Sine Vibration Q analysis. Mechanical ED Shaker Shock for multiple wave forms input Gs and Pulse duration obtain stroke and max velocity. Drop Shock height estimations for - Half-Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth for given Gs and Pulse Duration. Also available is packaging foam thickness analysis for different Drop Heights and G capabilities of your product. As well a strategy for Resonance Sine test conversion to a Random test and Random to Sine. Recently added if the ability to calculate the Fatigue Damage Spectrum (FDS - see last figure).

  Random vibration PSD plotIsolation Design Drop Shock and ED Shock Shock vibration 1 Shock Vibration 2 Steinberg Vibration Fatigue Sine on Random

  Fatigue Damage Spectrum FDS